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Title: [BUG] Intel graphics card drivers crash
Post by: fixer on June 18, 2018, 01:58:03 pm
Once upon a time there was a Control Flow Guard in Windows. It's supposed to protect from exploits by filtering indirect calls by building a map of locations allowed to be called. Upon each such call address being called is compared against the map. If the address isn't in the map, it's considered a protection violation and the process is terminated. But later this protection was updated. Some dangerous functions like GetProcAddress were added as forbidden call addresses.

And it turns out Intel graphics driver namely ig9icd64.dll library doesn't cope well with this protection. It passes the initial release of this protection, but later tries to call GetProcAddress indirectly and triggers updated protection version alarm. Once alarm is triggered the process is terminated.

So ReHIPS has nothing to do with this, it's a conflict of Intel drivers and latest Windows protection mechanisms. Maybe these drivers are already updated and it's possible to solve this issue by update. In the case I was researching it was enough to simply uninstall the drivers as Windows built-in drivers work good enough without being subjected to the issue.