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ReHIPS / Issue with Rehips 2.5 RC1(Latest Release) on Windows 7.
« Last post by WGJ on July 12, 2021, 03:35:12 pm »
Kind regards,

I'm having error messages with the hipsgui64 driver on Windows 7(latest version - 7601). It says that windows could not verify the digital signature on the file. The only way to make the software work at all is to use windows in test mode (bcdedit /set testsigning off) or to disable driver signature enforcement everytime i boot the system.

Since i play some games that require battleeye anticheat system and it is not compatible with test mode, i would like to know if there is any way around this problem and if the problem is on my end or the software driver really does not have a valid signature.

I'm using Windows 7 - Version 7601 and Rehips 2.5 RC1.

Sorry for my english, i'm not a native speaker.
ReHIPS / Re: Announcements
« Last post by fixer on June 27, 2021, 09:02:49 pm »
Hello everyone.
We proudly present to you the long-awaited ReHIPS 2.5.0 RC1 DOWNLOAD

We definitely took some time to get it ready, faced some challenges including this COVID thing. But it's all in the past now and RC is ready. Though I don't recommend installing it on critical production systems, it's really stable and most likely it'll go for release as is.

We'd like to express our sincerest and deepest gratitude to beta-testers and other guys (and gals?), who tested, reported problems, endured remote debugging sessions, gave suggestions and really helped a lot to fix issues and shape ReHIPS as it is now. Thank you all very much, we really appreciate it.

Enjoy this release. And as usual, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

-moved to new visual styles in agent, it enabled us to improve tray icons for isolated desktops and visual appearance;
-all database actions are now taken from service, it enabled us to solve some blocks and improve work;
-when isolated programs are restarted, parent process can now retain handles to it;
-added volume control for isolated desktops;
-clock and volume control can be hidden honoring settings;
-RulesManager console localized;
-multi-string taskbar support;
-agent sometimes could stop blinking on wrong color;
-main desktop close button wasn't always correctly shown;
-main desktop new windows weren't always correctly detected;
-improved handling of isolated files;
-immersive applications sometimes were mirrored on isolated desktops only after some time;
-clock is now updated by timer;
-fixed text of some EventLog errors;
-fixed network blocking for immersive applications;
-Secondary Logon service added to dependencies;
-service dependencies are automatically enabled now;
-removed rare flickering of clock and tray icons on isolated desktops;
-added wildcard ** support;
-taskbar on isolated desktops is dynamically moved following the main desktop taskbar now and windows are automatically adjusted;
-fixed symbolic links parsing in driver;
-agent didn't always rename isolated windows back on unload;
-added clear isolated environment on process termination;
-sometimes file handle was incorrectly cached for isolated processes;
-agent could rarely hang during work on isolated desktops;
-tray icons weren't always correctly shown for isolated desktops;
-system components are now excluded during search for installed programs;
-tray icons number for isolated desktops is now limited;
-fixed a bug with incorrect real user, when rules are installed after system reboot was initiated;
-allowed partial interaction with shell;
-fixed small bug with shifted mirrored windows;
-added tooltips for fast and standard switches in desktops widget;
-parent hash caching and some other performance optimizations;
-fixed leaking bitmap in Agent;
-isolated windows border lets hidden taskbar show now;
-fixed command line quotes parsing;
-fixed driver getting normalized name in transaction;
-settings file can be manually edited;
-driver correctly handles multiple Authenticated Users ACL;
-DeployHelper child processes are allowed;
-merging of similar child processes;
-fixed Inspect Children button in parent notify;
-network access checkbox added to programs;
-fixed mask validation during edit, it failed to validate a mask converted to file and back;
-fixed crash when settings window was closed during rules being installed;
-trusted users bug fixed;
-fixed Allow Network checkbox in programs;
-InnoSetup updated from 5.5.9 до 6.1.2, pugixml updated from 1.9 до 1.11;
-added several programs and trusted command lines/vendors to RulesManager.
ReHIPS / Re: Ask Questions Here - ReHIPS Features & Unexpected Behaviors
« Last post by fixer on June 26, 2021, 10:43:45 pm »
A couple of 2.5 beta-versions has already been tested by beta-testers. The next build will be Release Candidate and it'll be public. I think it should be available within a week.
ReHIPS / Re: Ask Questions Here - ReHIPS Features & Unexpected Behaviors
« Last post by Lone-Wolf on June 26, 2021, 06:15:27 pm »
Still nothing new?
Any news on the development of ReHIPS?
ReHIPS / Re: Где скачать последнюю версию?
« Last post by fixer on June 17, 2021, 09:30:52 pm »
Ситуация следующая. Гуглу по неизвестной причине не нравился наш инсталлер, более подробно описано тут Поэтому было принято решение выкладывать его на share-it и сливать окончательно оттуда, а остальные линки делают туда редирект. Но по пока неизвестной причине (идёт переписка с поддержкой) их линки перестали работать. Вообще версии всегда лежат на сайте, например последняя hxxps:// но из-за странной политики гугла мы стараемся не постить на них прямые линки.
ReHIPS / Re: Где скачать последнюю версию?
« Last post by Хмурый on June 15, 2021, 11:43:27 pm »
И вот спустя пять лет я возвращаюсь в свою старую тему с тем же вопросом - где скачать последнюю версию?
Старые ссылки протухли, ссылки с главной сайта тоже не работают  :-\
ReHIPS / Re: Zoom
« Last post by fixer on June 04, 2021, 08:20:48 pm »
Personally I don't use Zoom. And I don't think I see an easy way here. They generate links in https format and I understand that. Like if you don't have Zoom installed, it'll get you to download page. But in ReHIPS case it means link will be opened by browser in IE. And it already means you can't start Zoom non-isolated as it'd be an elevation. So not many options left, either start it in a separate IE or in the same one as browser. In the latter case it can be done manually only as browsers change and there is no auto-way to put Zoom in the active browser IE.
ReHIPS / Zoom
« Last post by shmu26 on June 02, 2021, 01:04:58 pm »
What's the best way to handle links to Zoom video conferences?
When you click on the link, it opens in the browser, and the browser then tries to launch the locally installed Zoom client, if there is one.
An isolated browser can't open the Zoom client installed on the real system.

Is it recommended to install the Zoom client in the isolated environment of the browser?

I think the easiest way is when the browser page opens, to look for the tiny link at the bottom that lets you open the Zoom session right in the browser itself. That way you don't need the Zoom client at all.

Just wondering how other people handle it.

Developers' Blog / Re: [FAQ] Convenient yet treacherous Open File Access feature
« Last post by fixer on May 27, 2021, 09:02:34 pm »
There are 2 possible ways for this to go.

1. Your file is in real user profile folder. Isolated ReHIPS user doesn't have any access to real user profile folder, so the file is copied to the same path in ReHIPS user profile folder. All editing is done there. And when isolated environment is closed, it's moved back. It's also copied back on timeout (by default every 10 minutes), this is called autosync.

2. Your file is in some other folder. In this case either nothing happens if the file already has necessary access rights. Or required access rights are granted, the file is edited and when isolated environment is closed access rights are rolled back.
Developers' Blog / Re: [FAQ] Convenient yet treacherous Open File Access feature
« Last post by shmu26 on May 27, 2021, 06:58:23 pm »
When I open a Word doc via Open File Access, and I make changes, and then hit the save button, where does it save to?
I understand that after I close the doc, the doc with changes will be written back to the original location. But where does it live, in the meantime?

AFAIK there is also a safety mechanism for when the doc is closed -- it is saved in a certain hidden location until it is correctly written back into the original location. Is this right, and where is the hidden location?
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