Author Topic: [BUG] Chromium installed in user folder and set as default browser  (Read 697 times)


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As you probably know Chromium (and probably other Chromium-based browsers) can be installed user-wise (in user profile folder) or system-wise (in global Program Files folder). Let's assume we have Chromium installed user-wise. When ReHIPS rule for this Chromium is installed, it's copied from real user profile folder into isolated user profile folder. Why? You can read about it here under Special Folders paragraph. And then we try to set isolated Chromium as default browser. Internally it's done by running Installer\setup.exe that does all the heavy lifting. It checks for installed Chromium and does it by searching through the list of installed programs. As Chromium was initially installed user-wise and for real user only, making an uninstall entry for this real user only, most likely isolated setup.exe running from isolated user won't find any uninstall entries causing it to abort thus failing to set Chromium as default browser.