Started by fixer, August 27, 2018, 04:34:52 PM

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This blogpost should cover most frequently asked HWID questions. It'll be updated with new questions if there are any.

Q: What is HWID?
A: HWID or HardWare IDentification is a big number which uniquely identifies your PC.

Q: Why do we need HWID?
A: ReHIPS license key is bound to HWID. This prevents using one license on many PCs.

Q: Is it safe to give us your HWID?
A: HWID is just a number, it doesn't mean anything and it doesn't contain any sensitive information.

Q: Where can I see my HWID?
A: You should install ReHIPS and once its Control Center starts for the first time, it usually asks you to buy it. This window can later be opened from the ReHIPS Control Center main window->Buy button. HWID can be seen in the top of this window, it looks like this 169C08618DCCAB32EF152BFEEAF104A696B86C08.