questions about Administrator mode and bug in the deploy heller?

Started by Osmw, July 05, 2020, 04:58:19 PM

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I tried to install an application in the isolated environment with Re:hips deploy helper, the software to install asked for Administrator mode, so I used deploy helper as administrator. Except that once the installation of the program is finished, it was not installed in the isolated environment but directly on my computer (I can launch it, it has a shortcut on my desktop and is in the list of my installed programs) .... So I wanted to know if I made a mistake or if there was a special procedure to do or if it is a bug? (the program is bluestack)

Then, I take advantage of this topic to ask another question because I did not find an answer in the help part of the software: is it dangerous to give an administrator right to a isolated software (can it get out of his isolation etc., I imagine so and I imagine it can do everything je want but...).



Hello, Osmw.
Welcome to our forum and thank you for your interest in our product.

I don't see anything wrong in your description of installed software. It required Administrator rights, so most likely was installed into Program Files and thus it's in the list of installed programs. Desktop shortcut (along with some other shortcuts) is usually copied by DeployHelper for your usability. You can launch it... it's supposed to be this way, no? The main question is when you start it, does it start isolated by default? If yes, then it's OK, it was installed into isolated environment and is started in it.

Regarding Administrator rights. DeployHelper is not for security purposes. It's for usability, it doesn't provide protection and it expects programs to behave. So it's OK to run them with Administrator rights. Especially since some installers refuse to install under user accounts. Running programs in isolation on the other hand is for security. And this security is based on Windows built-in principle of users separation from each other and from OS. And trying to start them with Administrator rights here may bring damage. And ReHIPS will try to stop you from doing this.