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Started by shmu26, June 02, 2021, 01:04:58 PM

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What's the best way to handle links to Zoom video conferences?
When you click on the link, it opens in the browser, and the browser then tries to launch the locally installed Zoom client, if there is one.
An isolated browser can't open the Zoom client installed on the real system.

Is it recommended to install the Zoom client in the isolated environment of the browser?

I think the easiest way is when the browser page opens, to look for the tiny link at the bottom that lets you open the Zoom session right in the browser itself. That way you don't need the Zoom client at all.

Just wondering how other people handle it.


Personally I don't use Zoom. And I don't think I see an easy way here. They generate links in https format and I understand that. Like if you don't have Zoom installed, it'll get you to download page. But in ReHIPS case it means link will be opened by browser in IE. And it already means you can't start Zoom non-isolated as it'd be an elevation. So not many options left, either start it in a separate IE or in the same one as browser. In the latter case it can be done manually only as browsers change and there is no auto-way to put Zoom in the active browser IE.