OpenGL error popping up very frequenty

Started by ld1, November 24, 2022, 08:34:20 AM

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I have now purchased ReHIPS, but I am getting a very frequent OpenGL error, which often leads to ReHIPS crashing. Please see the screenshot attached.

Do I have to install special graphics software, or can this issue be fixed?

(I'm running the latest version of Windows on a recently purchased Dell Inspiron. High-resolution screen.)


Thank you for your report.

1. What OS do you have, win10?
2. Are you using the latest ReHIPS version?
3. When does it show the error? You try to open ReHIPS gui and it crashes?
4. Any steps to reproduce this? Anything specific you do before you see the error?
5. Did you see the error before the purchase?


Thanks for your reply.

1. OS: Windows 11 build 22000.1219

2. Yes, I installed the latest version from the website. The file download says 2.6, although when I open ReHIPS and go to "About", the various entries say "2.5.0".

3. ReHIPS opens fine. I don't have an exact method to reproduce the error, but it happens so much that it is hard to use the program. It often happens when I respond to ReHIPS alerts. And the error almost always leads to a program crash. (Once it also led to a system freeze.)

4. Responding to alerts is the most frequent trigger, but it doesn't always happen. It also just happened while I was writing this message, without any visible trigger.

5. Yes, it was already happening before purchase. (It was the reason I uninstalled a couple of months ago.) But I couldn't properly test the software due to the limitations in the free version, so I went ahead and purchased.