[TO DO\UNDER REVIEW] Right-Click with Options for Items in Programs

Started by HJLBX, April 07, 2016, 07:58:44 AM

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Some users will undoubtedly request right-click access functionality for line items in Settings > Programs:

Make Nonisolated Program
Make Isolated Program
Enable Child Process Inspection
Disable Chile Process Inspection

Double click on User, System and Isolated Program groups and this will auto-expand the line item.

For example,

Settings > Programs > All

Double-click on User, Nonisolated Programs, Isolated Programs or System and it will auto-expand the list:

> User
    > Nonisolated Programs
      > Isolated Programs
> System

Most users are accustomed to this functionality.

It is convenient and will minimize "busy" user configuration \ experience.

Absolutely necessary - no.

Just something to consider...


Thanks for your suggestion, we'll think about it. The first issue is added to our TODO list. The second one was made intentionally, double click on database items is edit action (it was a choice between expand and edit actions, we chose to edit).


Then you can also add expand and\or edit to right-click context menu.

There are any number of solutions.

Just suggestions...


I'm one of those guys very used to right-click on anything L0L. I'd miss this feature in ReHIPS.