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News and announcements will be posted in this read-only topic.

We proudly present to you release of ReHIPS 2.2.0 DOWNLOAD I know, it took us some time to get here as there were always a few things that seemed to could have been better. There are literary tons of changes. If the previous version you saw was 1.x then changed... almost everything :) besides core concept and a few core things.

P.S. Don't forget to uninstall previous ReHIPS versions with all settings if you're updating.

I'd like to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to beta-testers and other guys (and gals?), who tested, reported problems, gave suggestions and really helped a lot to fix issues and shape ReHIPS as it is now. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it.

Enjoy this release. And as usual, don't hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions or suggestions.

As you probably already know ReHIPS build available for download here DOWNLOAD is a Demo version. Its only limitation is 10 concurrently running isolated processes. You can buy it here BUY or click Order License from Main Window->Buy window. Once license key is entered, it becomes registered full version.

But sometimes you want to see and experience real full registered version. So we thought, why not.

VMware VMs should all have the same HWID 169C08618DCCAB32EF152BFEEAF104A696B86C08. Here is Lifetime license key for it

VBox VMs should have this HWID C276CDFE766A0258796C6831F5CA9356587E60FD. And here is Lifetime license key for it

But sometimes VBox VMs have this HWID CBEEA890950AFB02C3A72068DEFF53D4345DC43A. So here is Lifetime license key for it

It's already the first day of autumn, all vacations and promotional offers are over. But to celebrate the Knowledge Day we decided to keep our starting price for our main product ReHIPS. Stay reliably protected with ReHIPS!

Hello, our dear users. ReHIPS 2.3.0 development stage is almost completed and testing stage is in progress. It means release isn't too far away. So hurry to buy ReHIPS for the starting price (-70%). Stay reliably protected with ReHIPS!


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