libreoffice doesn't start

Started by shmu26, June 09, 2016, 06:54:23 PM

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I did click on help a lot of times, and looked around in search and index, and somehow I did not come up with answers.

Maybe if I would have read the articles in order, with a studying mindset, rather than a "get answer to problem" mindset, then I would have gotten the hang of it.

Perhaps at a later stage, this program could benefit from an intro for idiots, or at least semi idiots, because real idiots are not going to be the target market of this product.


Hahahahaha semi idiots. You are killing me dude.  ;D
Rehips has a youtube channel you might find useful. Check it out.


Security is usually the opposite of usability. The more secure, the less usable the software is. At first ReHIPS was developed mostly with security in mind. But not so long ago we found security quite satisfying so we changed our focus to improving usability without serious impact on security. So we do our best :)
BTW you don't have to delete the rule and reinstall it if you want to change it. You can always change program execution rule from the settings.