REHIPS Release progression thread

Started by Umbra, April 24, 2017, 06:15:08 PM

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I get bored tonight, so i made this thread about the progression of ReHIPS.

11-09-2014 : V1.2.0

22-09-2015 : V2.1.0

24-03-2016 : V2.2.0

14-05-2016 : v2.2.0 RC2

04-08-2016 : v2.2.0 RC3 "Equilibrium"

08-08-2016 : v2.2.0 RC3 "Extrapolant"

25-08-2016: v2.2.0 RC3 "Glimmer"

28-02-2017 : v2.2.0 RC4 "Prosperity" 


Any estimated ETA for stable release?




A couple of builds missing :) But I don't keep record so can't tell exactly.

I know, for some people it's like "oooh, it's beta, must be ugly and buggy". But some programs (or games) are in beta state for years and a lot of people use them without any problems.
For me if some ReHIPS build is released to the public, it's tested, at least internally and within beta-testers community and should be quite stable. Even if the worst thing happens and something is broken, I'm always here, that's what support is for. Each and every issue is addressed and taken seriously, that's why some issues take some time to solve as we try our best to get to the bottom of the problem. So don't get too attached to names, like this is beta, so it's buggy, but this is release, so it should be rock solid, every build released should be stable.
Regarding the ETA. Not everything is up to me, my responsibility is technical part. And it should be in release state next month, that's May 2017. Will it be released in May? I hope so.


yes it is why i didn't put beta tag , i asked for the beta release, because people asked me. :)