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Started by fixer, May 23, 2017, 02:46:21 PM

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During ReHIPS development we stumbled upon numerous issues, bugs and oddities in Windows and other software. Some of them are already fixed by vendors, most not. For some we managed to devise workarounds, for some it doesn't seem possible.

This board is for ReHIPS users to help them better understand ReHIPS internals and use ReHIPS to the fullest extent of its capabilities creating ultimate protection.
This board is for people curious in Windows internals as it contains some interesting details that make Windows tick.
This board is for software developers. I hope our collection of found issues with technicalities will help others who bump into the same problems and save them a couple of days of hardcore debugging and head scratching.

I'll be grateful if these writings also help fix the issues. I know in case of Microsoft it isn't a fast process and there isn't even a nice and simple way to report their developers. But who knows, maybe someone reading this has a few strings to pull.