[FAQ] ReHIPS folder? Haven't seen it before

Started by fixer, June 04, 2017, 03:16:30 PM

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You install ReHIPS and notice C:\ReHIPS folder with some subfolders in it. What do I do with it, you may ask. As you probably already know, isolated programs can't write to most locations and can't read from some locations for security purposes. But some programs work with files, Office applications should both read and write files, browsers need to save files. That's what these subfolders are for. When RulesPack installs initial rules, it allows browsers access to Browser subfolder, Office programs to Office subfolder, etc.

So the best way to process files with isolated programs is via these subfolders, e.g. browsers should save files to Browser subfolder. And the best-case scenario is you move files from these subfolders to some other non-writable to isolated programs folders when you no longer need to access them from isolation. Why? Let's imagine you got some crypting malware in isolation and it crypts every files it has write access to. By default it's just ReHIPS user profile folder which is completely harmless. But if you keep all your office documents in Office subfolder and your isolated word gets infected somehow, all your Office folder with all documents in it may get corrupted too.

So consider these subfolders as some kind of a transit point between the trusted land and the land of isolated and potentially untrusted programs.