[Bug] Windows 10 and seemingly hung wake-up

Started by fixer, June 06, 2017, 02:08:59 PM

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You're doing something on a separate desktop. I don't mean ReHIPS here, for example Desktops program from SysInternals also allows to use several desktops. So you're on some other than main desktop. You got distracted, and Windows decided to take a nap and went into Sleep/Hibernation. You come back and find, that desktop seems to be hung. But don't rush to hard reboot you PC thinking about unsaved documents and sending curses to whoever you think is guilty. Try Ctrl+Alt+Del at first. Did it work? If yes, then congratulations, you've witnessed another Windows bug. The problem is winlogon process on wake-up locks winstation and switches to the previous active desktop (and that would be some other than main one), but welcome screen and password prompt are shown on the main desktop. So welcome is shown, but you can't see it and you're stuck on non-interactive locked desktop.

So if your PC went into Sleep/Hibernation while you were on some non-main desktop, don't rush to reboot your seemingly hung hardware.

This issue was found several months ago, it wasn't fixed then. I haven't checked it since.