[FAQ] Ways to make ReHIPS rules

Started by fixer, July 25, 2017, 02:04:40 PM

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We often talk about ReHIPS rules. But how many ways are there to make ReHIPS rules and what are they?

1. DeployHelper. This one can be used to isolate a program and only if the program isn't installed. You click with right mouse button on the installer and use Run in ReHIPS DeployHelper option. It'll execute installer in isolated environment, so the program will also be installed into it. This way is preferable over way 3. Why? Because all settings are already installed into isolated environment, you don't have to copy them from real user profile or create from scratch.

2. RulesManager (former RulesPack). This one can be used only for already installed programs. ReHIPS is bundled with a rules database. You probably noticed console window with running program names during ReHIPS installation. That was RulesManager working. It walks through the rules database checking for installed programs. If a program is installed, it creates rules for it. You can always manually start RulesManager clicking Install Rules button in Programs tab in Settings. By default if some rule is already present in ReHIPS database, it won't be overwritten, only missing rules will be installed. RulesManager is automatically started when:
-a new user is logged in to install rules for him;
-changes are detected in installed programs list to install rules for new programs.
There will be a separate RulesManager blogpost coming next (updated: here it is https://forum.rehips.com/index.php?topic=9530.0).

3. Manually from Alerts. Just pick the desired option when you see process alert when a process is started.

4. Manually from Programs tree. Programs tree can be found on Programs tab in Settings. Pick the desired real user and click "+" button to add a new program rule for that user.