[FAQ] Is ReHIPS offline?

Started by fixer, August 28, 2017, 10:47:36 PM

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Short answer is yes, ReHIPS is a completely offline solution.

Some inquiring minds may dig deeper and say: hey, wait, I can see it uses sockets, why do you need them? You're right, TCP sockets for local port 25938 are used indeed and they shouldn't be firewalled. ReHIPS is designed as a thin client. ReHIPS Service does all the heavy-lifting while ReHIPS GUI (or Control Center) is just a graphical interface and nothing more. It allows remote ReHIPS control, which is useful for corporate environments with a remote administrator. But don't worry, this functionality is enabled in domain edition only. ReHIPS for home users uses sockets for local connection only, from GUI to the Service. And no sockets or connections are opened for networks, internet or intranet.

The downside of this though is its inability for auto-update. No ReHIPS component or database are updated online. You have to download and install new ReHIPS versions manually. In future versions we'll add some update checker, but it'll be a separate module and with user consent only.