[FAQ] Bound and Un-Bound Programs

Started by fixer, August 30, 2017, 02:39:55 PM

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Sometimes I get questions like: look, this program is under some isolated environment in the programs tree in the Programs tab in Settings. So it should execute in isolation. How is this possible that it says Allow and this program executes freely without any isolation?

There are 2 different things: bound and un-bound programs and execution rules. Let me explain.
1. A program can be bound or un-bound. A program is bound if it has a corresponding isolated environment. And un-bound if it doesn't have it. An un-bound program can't be executed in isolation, it has to be bound.
2. At the same time a program can be Allowed, Allowed in isolation or Blocked. Like I said, to be Allowed in isolation it has to be bound. But both bound and un-bound programs can be Allowed or Blocked.
Look at this as at some kind of a shelter. Even if a program has a corresponding shelter, it doesn't have to always sit in it, it can sometimes go freely for a walk if the user allows it.