[FAQ] I don't see program X in ReHIPS rules

Started by fixer, September 04, 2017, 02:22:11 PM

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ReHIPS rules or ReHIPS database can be viewed in Settings on Programs tab. It's a multi-level tree with real Windows users on the first level (including built-in SYSTEM user), then isolated environments (or Un-Bound Programs for programs that aren't bound to any isolated environment), then programs. In prospection children will be added as an additional tree level to allow fine-grained processes children control. Nope, implemented them as part of programs.

For example you use a search feature and find the program you're looking for. But what the... you clearly see the rules are different from real ReHIPS operations. Or you don't see the program in the rules at all. For example you're sure that Internet Explorer is allowed in isolation, but it says Block. What's wrong? Most likely you got into wrong real user. Real users are the first level of the programs tree. ReHIPS allows different real users to have completely different and independent set of rules. So if the rules you see don't pass a sanity check, most likely, you're about to edit rules for some other real user.