[FAQ] Shortcut to execute a program in isolation

Started by fixer, September 10, 2017, 02:40:16 PM

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You probably noticed there is a context menu item "Run isolated in ReHIPS" for exe files in explorer. It executes something like
"C:\Program Files\ReHIPS\RunRestricted32.exe" "%1" %*
"C:\Program Files\ReHIPS\RunRestricted64.exe" "%1" %*
Utilizing a similar shortcut you can execute the same program both in isolation and without isolation. Just allow the program in ReHIPS database. And make a similar shortcut to execute it in isolation. And voila: if you start the program, it'll start without isolation; if you start it via shortcut, you'll have it in isolation. May be useful for example if you use the same browser for simple internet browsing (that requires isolation) and for online banking (that requires admin privileges for some banking plugins to work correctly).