Author Topic: [BUG] Running non-isolated and isolated Chrome-s  (Read 1151 times)


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[BUG] Running non-isolated and isolated Chrome-s
« on: November 25, 2017, 08:40:22 pm »
If AppContainer-ed (or AppContained?) Chrome is running without isolation, it'll fail to run in AppContainer mode in isolation. The issue is non-isolated Chrome creates and uses AppContainer directory (I don't mean file system directory here). And it means isolated Chrome won't have any access to that directory. It fails to access it and thus fails to run. And to make matters even worse Windows adds more problems to this case. For some unknown reason sometimes it keeps token of the Chrome process even when the process is already terminated. Keeping this token prevents no longer needed AppContainer directory from being deleted. So visually we have no non-isolated Chrome running (we had it running in the past), but isolated Chrome still refuses to run.

Possible solution here (including from the security point of view) is to always have Chrome isolated.