Two different ReHIPS 2.6.0 installers

Started by Mr.X, September 01, 2022, 03:41:50 AM

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Hello @fixer

I don't know what I was thinking, guess just by chance, but decided to re-download ReHIPS 2.6.0 installer. I said re-download cause I have a copy of the same installer same version I downloaded and saved back in June 20 2022 when you released it publicly.

Surprisingly, I found they have different digital signatures and dates, one March 09 and the recent March 22.
Is that correct?

One more query, if ReHIPS 2.6.0 was launched on June this year why those installers have been signed on March?
A difference of four months.

Btw, the About shows version 2.5.0 for all components in place of 2.6.0


There usually are several beta-builds released before stable release, so most likely you have a beta build and a release one. Use the one that was signed last.

Sometimes public release happens after thorough internal and closed beta testing that may take some time, so it was built first, then the build was tested and then publicly released.

Versions shown in the About show version of the internal communication protocol between components. So you can take for example Agent from the previous version, if it's protocol-compatible and you have some serious trouble with current version while the previous one works OK. File versions aren't shown in GUI, you can see them in executable file properties in Explorer.