Started by Umbra, May 22, 2016, 08:21:42 PM

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Hello Everybody !

Since now we seems to attract the attention of some people willing to beta test ReHIPS , i think some guidelines are necessary.  I am used to beta-test dozen of  products , so there are my few advices:

1- ReHIPS is actually on closed-beta testing, means posting improper screenshots or mentioning about issues & flaws elsewhere than on this forum is not allowed; when ReHIPS will reach public beta then it will not be a problem.

2- i strongly suggest you to not use ReHIPS on a production machine unless you are willing to reinstall your system anytime, since issues may happen and potentially ruin your work. A test machine is the best way to do it , if you don't have a second computer , then a Virtual Machine is acceptable. The actual version is quite stable but better be safe than sorry.

3- Avoid to test ReHIPS alongside dozen of redundant security softwares, ReHIPS is both a sandbox and an HIPS ; so try to avoid similar softwares at same time, unless you have a very good understanding of how those softwares affect your system ; and how to do proper exclusions.

4- Before posting issues/bugs/critics/suggestions , take time to read the already present posts; other testers may came across your observations before you. not saying you will get a better understanding of ReHIPS from reading those previous posts.

5- Once you think you may find a new issue, be sure to give a detailed explanation with logs or screenshots if possible. It will be then easier for the development team to reproduce the issue and eventually fix it. anyway the devs may ask you more details if needed.

6- If you want to give some suggestions/critics, feel free to do so, explain your point of view clearly and also think twice about it and ask yourself if it is worthy be mentioned.

7- Rehips V2.2.x is given to you as a trial , so it is limited to 10 isolated processes, for example you won't be able to run Chrome with it (since Chrome generates more than 10 processes.)

8- You can't buy the current v2.2.x version yet, trying to registered it from the GUI will only give you the license for v1.2.0.

Thank you for your attention.

P.S: if a mod want add some more infos or correct something i said, feel free to do so.  ;)    Also sticking this thread should be a good idea.


Pretty solid advice. All beta testers should follow them. Thanks mate.


This forum contains hidden testing subforum with a lot of discussion and access to some more frequent builds with new features. Active testers gain access to it. Besides they get 1-year license key to freely test ReHIPS without any limitations.

Earlier ReHIPS test builds were mostly intended to be tested on some virtual machines or non-critical real machines. I don't insist on it, but personally I think that current builds are stable enough to be tested in production. Besides ReHIPS is not loaded in Safe mode, so you can always boot in Safe mode and disable ReHIPSSrvc service to completely disable ReHIPS in case something goes really wrong.

We haven't encountered any critical issues with other security software, but having a lot of it installed may make it harder for us to reproduce the problem.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you stumble upon any bugs or issues or should you have any questions or suggestions. I don't promise we'll solve it in under an hour, sometimes it takes some time, but we take every report seriously and promise to do our best to fix it.