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Started by fixer, July 16, 2017, 02:44:13 PM

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As our blog subforum gets bigger and a number of posts grows, it may get harder and harder to find ReHIPS FAQ posts. So in this sticky topic I'll be keeping links to FAQ posts and update this post as new information is posted.

Why ReHIPS was developed or a story of broken runas
This annoying yet secure separate desktop
Convenient yet treacherous Open File Access feature
ReHIPS folder? Haven't seen it before
ReHIPS and portable applications
ReHIPS and Disable Microphone feature
Close desktop thumbnail
Changing permissions may take some time
Agent shortcuts
Ways to make ReHIPS rules
ReHIPS isolation and AppContainer
ReHIPS and self-protection
Different Working Modes
What programs should I isolate?
So where do isolated programs have access to (part 1)?
So where do isolated programs have access to (part 2)?
So where do isolated programs have access to (part 3)?
Files and folders allowed by default
Copy User Data feature
Is ReHIPS offline?
Bound and Un-Bound Programs
I don't see program X in ReHIPS rules
So where do isolated programs have access to (part 4)?
Shortcut to execute a program in isolation
How does ReHIPS process processes?
ReHIPS licensing
ReHIPS locks
Blinking desktops widget and orange taskbar tabs
$RECYCLE.BIN subfolder in ReHIPS folder
Programs wildcards
ReHIPS installer
Does ReHIPS use hooking?
Uninstalled ReHIPS, but some files are left
What is ReHIPS? What can it do?
ReHIPS best practices (part 1)
ReHIPS best practices (part 2)
ReHIPS best practices (part 3)
ReHIPS best practices (part 4)
ReHIPS best practices (part 5)
ReHIPS best practices (part 6)
Settings local and global
I don't need rule X, should I delete it?
ReHIPS system requirements and performance
When does ReHIPS install rules?
Rules installation and files in use
Isolating files from real user profile folder
Isolated programs and profile folder
Lock-Down Mode
ReHIPS network control
Can ReHIPS be registered in Windows Security Center?
ReHIPS files (part 1)
ReHIPS files (part 2)
Isolated programs and hotkeys
How do I work with files from an isolated program?
Can I save settings from isolated programs?
ReHIPS failsafe mechanisms and mitigations (part 1)
ReHIPS failsafe mechanisms and mitigations (part 2)
ReHIPS failsafe mechanisms and mitigations (part 3)
ReHIPS failsafe mechanisms and mitigations (part 4)
Auto-Delete Isolated Environment feature